New Pool Tables at Lebowski Bowl Club

Good News for Billiard funs, all 6 tables of the Pool, as well as the Pyramida VIP table in the Lebowski Bowl Club  have been pulled by the new cloth Iwan Simonis 760.

Today the world's best cloth for billiard tables is made by the Belgian company Iwan Simonis.

What is so famous for this cloth? The company Iwan Simonis, was created in 1680 by Joseph Simonis and named in honor of his son Iwan. Iwan Simonis cloth was famous in Europe already at the beginning of the XIX century and was supplied to the court of Emperor Napoleon. Almost three and a half centuries the masters from Iwan Simonis store the secrets of the unique technology of billiard cloth production, which is based on a unique method of obtaining a certain ratio of wool and nylon.

For example, let's take the most famous cloth Iwan Simonis 760.

In its manufacture, everything begins with the fact that of the highest quality wool, highly skilled workers manually comb out and remove the shortest fibers, and long twist together and weave into the yarn itself. This technology is a real sign of quality, the corporate style of Iwan Simonis. The cloth made in this way becomes durable and at the same time absolutely smooth. The final processing process leaves the surface without a single villi.

For more than 300 years the cloth Iwan Simonis remains the world leader in its field. Iwan Simonis today is the largest company in the world, engaged exclusively in the production of high-quality billiard cloth.

Flawless surface without the slightest defect is why Iwan Simonis cloth lies on tables all over the world for several generations and is the official cloth of the world billiards championships.

Since May, all 6 tables of the Pool, as well as the Pyramida VIP table in the Bowl Club Lebowski have been pulled by the new cloth Iwan Simonis 760.

Come and experience incredible gaming emotions while playing at the world's best billiard tablecloth!

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