New eco-initiative from East Point

Did you know that batteries should never get into household waste?

Unfortunately, in Georgia people are mostly unaware about the threat which is posed by an ordinary battery. In Europe, the batteries are considered hazardous waste, mostly due to metals they contain. Mercury, lead and cadmium are the worst of them, but there are many others as well. When batteries end up in landfills, the metals can leach into the soil and water and eventually into our food chain. But there is also a good news with batteries! They are the useful source of secondary raw materials. Many metals such as nickel, cobalt and silver, can be reused if batteries are properly recycled.


East Point is the first public batteries collection point in Georgia, and we truly believe that other will follow.

Come to East Point and recycle your used batteries at the special bin located near Information desk, we promise to take proper care of them.

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