A Midsummer Night’s Dream

19 June, 2019

Get ready for the summer

Let the summer games begin!  Summer bags designed especially for East Point have long turned into our signature. 

For diversity we offer unique summer bags created in collaboration with different designers.

This time, together with the famous and successful fashion designer Datuna Sulikashvili we present the bag which is bound to become an inseparable everyday accessory both for your beach holidays and the city life.



For a period of one month, starting June 17, you get the bag for every purchased gift card worth 200 GEL. And in case you won’t be able to buy one, but are counting down the days till the annual Jazz Festival, you will get one as a memorable gift on the Tbilisi – Batumi train ride.


A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Time for colorful days, long and bright nights, sparkling sky, the sea, colorful dresses and pants. How truly wonderful that it’s summer again; seems that the updated wardrobe is a good enough reason to elevate our mood.



Time to get ahead of the game and equip yourselves with the beach accessories, as journeys to the sea resorts might come unexpectedly. We can safely recommend refreshing your summer wardrobe at PENTI which apart from the super colorful swimming suits, offers an ideal collection of bras – a wonderful choice for any cocktail party. Bikinis and don’t forget to choose the airy and elegant inseparable beachwear kimonos for only 64 GEL.



The sun, sea and beach are unimaginable without a pair of classy and comfortable summer shoes in your wardrobe, right? ZAPATERO, also known as the “Spanish Shoemaker” offers a complete collection of Birkenstock’s most popular model – ARIZONA BS. Purple, blue and polka dot prints - the offered wide selection got us so confused, we decided to help you by listing only the season’s trendiest colors.

If you prefer spending the holidays in a countryside summerhouse, where friends visit you frequently for barbeques and other fun activities, then we suggest the Carrefour Hypermarket. Here you can purchase a summer terrace or garden table for 400 GEL, together with foldable colorful fabric chairs for 20 GEL, and if you have a swimming pool too, then the white comfortable sunbathing chairs are there waiting for you.



Although the summer days are hot, don’t forget your early morning runs or workout routines. The worldwide brand SKECHERS has recently joined East Point. Here you will find the sport shoes for the whole family, they offer a range of extremely comfortable and high quality shoes for those who follow the healthy and sporty lifestyle.


The Sea, the sun and the sand

Women’s Secret is now ready to offer the new collection of sea accessories. Get ready for the summer romances, amusing adventures and this year’s trendiest yellow-color swimming suits that come in all shades: gold, orange, lemon, dawn, etc. – in short, a wide range for people with all tastes. 



MANGO offers big sales and mesmerizing collection of open summer shoes for 75 GEL, as well as pampers us with accessorizes for the upcoming beach season. Here you can also get classy knitted bags for only 59 GEL.



And what’s the colorful dresses, beachwear, sea, sun and all the fun without relevant accessories? Follow the hair bow boom and visit MANDARINA where striped and flower-printed bows await for as little as 9 GEL as are the long, pearl-like golden or silver color earrings.



Nowadays, flower-prints are quiet trendy on bags.  Backpacks, clutches, fabric and small-size bags await women of all tastes at Accessorize, where the prices for your favorite bag start from 27 GEL.

You definitely are aware that our facial skin needs protection from unhealthy sunrays and we need to carry the sunscreen with us daily. However, to protect yourselves gorgeously, you can choose from a selection of colorful straw or fabric hats.



Shopping is pleasant for everybody

Shopping is pleasant for everybody and usually for adults it is a therapy, entertainment and even relaxation, all at the same time. This is especially true for a space like East Point, where you will can find shops, food zones and an IMAX cinema far away from the noisy city in an environment that is also enjoyable for a nice walk.



In the hot days of summer, ice cream and ice yogurt from “Tolia” and “Lolly” will make your shopping even more enjoyable, especially if you have children with you. Usually, the shopping is a tiring and boring process for the kids.

Hence, if you decide to do so in their company East Point is an ideal choice as it features all shops in a single space as well as magic attractions of Focus Mokus and the ice cream for maximum fun. We believe all this will entertain them more and they will happily accompany you to shop for their things too.



All sport activities, skateboard, hover board, tennis, bicycle or just playing in the yard is more fun and games with with Bambino’s sport shoes; prices start at 29 GEL and if you want to choose from a selection of open summer shoes, here you can come across both dark and colorful sandals for 35 GEL .

Zippy Georgia is perfect for purchasing the accessories for babies. Zippy is the best place to look for comfortable and high-quality car seats as well as a range of children’s summer strollers that start at 109 GEL.


As children also need to renew the colorful and fascinating clothes for the summer and sea seasons – let them have a sneak-peek into SERGENT MAJOR GEORGIA, where they can choose from a selection of straw hats, bags and caps.


It’s time for the sea and celebrations!

“Sea Time” announces KOTON and for this season offers us trendy printed tops starting from 9 GEL, men’s swimming suits from 29 GEL and Women’s from 35 Gel.




The 2019 summer collection is presented by famous fashion influencer – Arzu Sabanci, who has up to 500 000 followers on the social media and has even worked with the famous pop star Beyoncé. Arzu’s main spotlight for this season is the clothes sewn from natural fabrics. You can purchase classic tops from this collection starting at 35 GEL. 



Updated #PartyWear collection awaits, so if any party or event is coming up in the near future, you know where to shop for dresses starting from 49 GEL.


Capture the Memories

The season for holidays, adventures, traveling and hikes has come and of course, everyone wants to keep their lovely memories of the summer forever.



Naturally, the best way to do this is by taking photos and videos, which is why you should head to ELIT ELECTRONICS and check their amateur or professional cameras. You can purchase 18 megapixel Canon 4000D for 850 GEL, but if you are looking for a non-professional one SONY camera prices start at only 260 Gel.

And if you imagined the summer full of sparkling, golden, long and bright nights, just like we did, then follow the link and with the soundtrack at the backdrop start the pleasant shopping journey!

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