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13 February, 2019


They say, romantic roots of Valentine’s Day were originated from an ordinary priest, who despite the prohibition, officiated the weddings between the couples. Valentine’s Day is named after him and on 14th of February, the couples around the world are trying to to express their love with the gifts. Although, in Finland this day is referred to as Friends’ Day, friends exchange gifts and hang out.

As it is estimated, they are going to spend thirty billion dollars in USA on Valentine’s Day this year, which is a record high. By the way, statistically, men spend more on Valentine’s Day, then women (men - $357, women - $206). 

Do you remember how famous the box of chocolates containing “love potion” was in Hogwarts on Valentine’s Day? Tasting the chocolate would cause one to get weak at the knees and feel butterflies in a stomach. We also have a chocolate, although a potion inducing love at first scent doesn’t have to be a confectionery, but a Miss Dior perfume. It’s like strolling in a blossoming cherry garden on a first date. Visit a perfume store Lutecia to discover fragrance, which always remind a receiver of you and that day. Apart from the famous perfume and cosmetics brands now a range of niche fragrances also emerged.


Jewelry remains one of the superior Valentine’s Day gifts. It is a best-selling and the most desired gift for the women around the world.

Each piece of jewelry has its own history and is created with natural stones and minerals. Moon stone, sea shell, smoky quartz, sun stone - new MARBELLA collection sounds like a discovery of a new marvelous world, wich is presented at East Point by a French brand Nature Bijoux. It is enough to know the favorite colors of a loved one to find an appropriate collection at Mandarina shop. Here all materials are natural and handcrafted.



Caring for a loved one is the best expression of love. Often, saving their time and resources and creating comfortable environment is no less pleasant than gifting flowers, perfume or expensive jewelry. Think about what would a housewife prefer after a delicious and even romantic meal, flowers or Electrolux dishwasher?

Since East Point is the largest representative of home appliance stores in town, making a choice becomes an easy task. Although, not really, let us edit: selection at the mall is so large and good, that it will take you a while to pick the best of the best.


Interior, which you inhabit and the objects comprising it, say a lot about you and your character. Therefor it would be easy to guess which item to pick for a special corner at a loved one’s place - a photo album and a frame, with a picture depicting lovely times spent together, stand watch, symbolically engraved on a backside, bedding set in a your partner’s favorite colors or a bowl for punch and sangria. For the above mentioned items, you should definitely visit Madame Coco.



It is basically a tradition to give heart shaped gift on February 14. It’s an easy choice, but for a gift not to be banal, but rather exquisite and trendy, explore PANDORA shop. All the accessories: bracelets, rings, necklaces are inspired by love, specifically related to this day.



When we are discussing woman’s favorite gift, it’s impossible to avoid mentioning th beautiful linen, which emphasize her attractiveness and femininity. Secret to winning  a woman’s heart might be a perfectly selected gift. You might discover a key to this secret at WOMEN’S SECRET.



In a Black Mirror era, where we are constantly staring at our phones, a wrist watch still remains a desired, everyday accessory, especially for men. They might instinctively look at their smartphone to check the time, but as an accessory, a watch is irreplaceable.

Art Time offers original watch designs by a famous Georgian designer Zviad Tsikolia. If you are choosing for a man with a classical taste, Versace, Calvin Klein and Tissot watches are also available.



Lately, men became more active in self care, especially nowadays, when long beard is considered fashionable. In case your partner also decided to follow a lumberjack trend, you must visit on Valentine’s Day. They offer organic herbal oil waxes, balms, shampoos, soaps and all kinds of accessories at reasonable prices.



We offered these tips while Nujabes’ “Love Sic” was playing in a background, and we think listening to your favorite music with powerful beats brings an utmost pleasure. On times like these you may imagine yourself anywhere with a loved one by your side. We can advise you with a great confidence to get MARSHALL MAJOR headphones at ZOOMMER chain store, as it comes with super comfortable dimensions, maximum isolation from an outside world and an immersion only in music.



And lastly, in case you are struggling to make a decision, or simply don’t have enough time to check the whole mall, we’ve got you covered: buy a gift card at any price on the first floor and let your loved one choose a gift.



4th of February is the day, when the words “I love you” are most frequently pronounced. Meticulously chosen gift on Valentine’s Day is the best way to articulate these words in an extraordinary manner. 

Visit East Point!

We await you with love!

From East Point with LOVE <3

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