East Point Gift Card


An Ideal Present – East Point Gift Card, will make your friends and family members happy!

• Request a Gift card at East Point information desk.

• Deposit 50 - 500 GEL into the card

• Enjoy shopping with gift card at East Point shops, food courts and entertaining centers


GIFT Card terms and conditions:

  • Change the PIN code once you buy a GIFT Card via TBC bank ATM
  • Purchase of goods/services is only allowed via POS terminals on the East Point territory
  • 50 to 500 GEL can be deposited into the card account in full or in part
  • The Card is valid within 6 months from the first deposit date
  • A GIFT Card can be used until the cash balance in the card account is fully spent (but no longer than 12 months from the first deposit date)
  • GIFT Card will not be renewed if lost
  • For a detailed description of GIFT Card terms and conditions, please visit the TBC bank’s official website WWW.TBCBANK.GE
  • If a GIFT Card is intended for a third party, GIFT Card terms and conditions should be passed to him/her along with the card and PIN.
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