East Point Lottery "Qalaqobana"

East Point Lottery #Qalaqobana has been already started!

Shop at East Point and be the winner of two person tour out of 100 tours!

Make a 50 GEL Purchase till April 15. At our information desk, change your bill to lottery ticket: On weekend get -1 ticket;  On weekdays get - 2 ticket,  become a winner and travel to Paris, Zurich, Dusseldorf, Istanbul or Amsterdam with AtlasGlobal Georgia!

Lottery Rules:

  • Shop at East Point
  • Change receipt to Lottery ticket at East Point Information desk
  • Change receipt to Lottery ticket on the same date receipt was printed
  • On Weekdays get 2 Lottery ticket on every 50Gel receipt, and on weekends get 1 lottery ticket
  • Fill the ticket with personal data; by filling it you automatically accept terms of using it by East Point
  • Place one part of the ticket in Raffle drum and the keep the second one
  • Answer the quiz question and win the prize
  • In case of losing or not presenting a ticket, the winner will not receive a prize
  • Products cannot be returned with this receipt, replacing products is possible
  • None of the staff, working at East Point shops have right to participate in this Lottery

Good Luck! 


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