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Through sport, Adidas has the power to change lives. We work every day to inspire and enable people to harness the power of sport in their lives. We also translate our competence in sports into streetwear and fashion because sport is an attitude and a lifestyle. Everything we do is rooted in sports. At the very heart of 'creating the new' are our brands. Our brands are what connect us with our consumers; therefore, the success of our brands defines the success of our business. With 'Creating the New', we will get closer to them than ever before. To achieve that, our plan is based on three strategic choices: 

  • Speed: We will become the first true fast sports company: Fast in satisfying consumer needs, fast in internal decision-making.
  • Cities: We have identified six key cities in which we want to grow share of mind, share of market and share of trend: New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Tokyo, London and Paris.
  • Open source: We will be the first sports company that invites athletes, consumers and partners to be part of our brands.
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