Gift Card

  • Purchase East Point Gift Card at our info desk
  • Deposit desired amount from 50 to 500 GEL
  • Enjoy at any East Point shopping, entertainment or dining location

Terms and conditions of using the gift card:

  • When purchasing a gift card, change your pin code via TBC ATM
  • Any amount from 50 GEL to 500 GEL can be charged to the card. Billing is done once
  • The gift card is credited to the info desk located in the shopping centre by cashless payment
  • The amount will be credited to the gift card within 1 working day after registration
  • The amount charged to the card can be used within 12 months after the charge, both as a single transaction and in parts, at different times at any East Point location
  • The lost card and the limit on it are not subject to recovery
  • It is impossible to use the amount placed on the gift card for other purposes, for example: cashing out, transferring the amount to another account, etc.
  • In case of transferring the gift card and PIN code to another individual, the user must also be given a booklet with the terms and conditions of using the gift card.